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Intermodal Canada

Clarke Transport Inc. provides Canada wide coverage providing LTL and TL intermodal Services across Canada. We have a large fleet of 53’ Heated containers, as well as a large pool of 20, 40, and 53 foot third party containers.

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Clarke Transport Inc. specializes in consolidation and deconsolidation on freight all kind. Having large facilities across Canada we can meet all your distribution challenges. We provide reliable freight management services for good coming from USA to Canada. We partner with several US customer and suppliers to provide seamless shipping experience to our customers.

Heated Container Service

If you are shipping goods which must be protected from freezing during the winter months, you can rely on Clarke Transport to provide dependable and consistent heated service. Having a large pool of heating equipment and company operated facilities throughout Canada; we can ensure that your goods will be handled with care.

Boxcar Service

Clarke Transport Inc. provides box car service from Toronto to Western Canada. Box car service is reliable way to ship heavy commodities across Canada.

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